Sintra, Portugal 

Nice little article with some amazing black and white photography of sights in and around SIntra.

Sintra was classified as a World Heritage by UNESCO, in 1995, at the category of Cultural Landscape. Lord Byron called it “a Garden of the Earthly Paradise”. Sintra is a gem of the Lisbon surrounding mountains. Feel free to browse some of the photos I took when I was there!

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A perfect day trip from Lisbon and the best way to see Sintra

This is a wonderful blog post with first hand experience and photos to accompany the article of someone who spent a day trip visiting Sintra and Cabo da Roca. Well worth a read as it gives a great insight with no hidden ‘sales’ agenda.

Sintra and Cabo da Roca make a perfect day trip from Lisbon – don’t miss these places when visiting the capital of Portugal!

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The best attractions to visit in Sintra

One from the blog on our sister site but well worth a read. It encapsulates the 5 best places to visit whilst taking a tour of Sintra.

It boasts castles and palaces, gardens and parks, and it’s an easy 45 minute train ride from Lisbon. Still, the only problem with Sintra is having enough time to see everything. One day won’t ever be enough, but if you do manage to visit a site or two, try not to miss these. Here are 5 of the absolute best attractions to see in Sintra, Portugal. Pena Palace and Park It’s a a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the seven wonders of Portugal, and one of the leading examples of 19th-century Romanticist architecture in the world. Welcome to Pena Palace, which is impressive both inside and out. The palace […]

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The palaces of sintra 

A lovely post from one of the most infamous blogs in Portugal. Emma’s House in Portugal. A truly endearing and engaging read about starting out (with not a lot) in Portugal. In her travels, she naturally visited some amazing places like Sintra. This amusing post is about the challenge of seeing it all in just 24 hours.

Her mission: to visit as many of the Palaces of Sintra in 24 hours as humanly possible. There was a flight to catch at the end. We were cramming. Naturally there were conditions: I had to keep my sister fed and tea-ed up along the way, and keep her in a good mood.

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Sintra: Portugal’s Delightful Undiscovered Hillside Village 

Tripadvisor published a list of “10 breathtaking towns in Europe you probably never heard of.” As a longtime advocate of the joy of discovery in travel, such lists are always intriguing, so it was especially captivating to discover that Sintra, Portugal is among the ten.

As the prominent science fiction writer Ray Bradbury once wrote, “Half the fun of travel is the aesthetic of lostness.” Though Sintra is less than an hour by train from Lisbon, it seems to be light years away. This hillside village may have more castles, gardens, museums and scenery than any town its size in the world.

Sintra, Portugal is one of those places that captivates traveler’s with feelings of optimism. Find out more using the following link.

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Beach in Sintra – Things to do Sintra Portugal

Awesome blog post about the beaches around Sintra. Fairytale castles are only a fraction of what you can do in this spectacular place.


Visitors in search of sightseeing and scenery will not be disappointed with Sintra’s beautiful location. But add sun, sea and sand to the pot and you have the recipe for the perfect vacation in Portugal.

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Monserrate: a must-see palace in Sintra | Salt of Portugal

From one of the best micro-blog sites about Portugal. Always beautiful pictures, always well written. If you haven’t already – follow this blog!


Sintra has many romantic palaces but each has something unique to offer. One of our favorites is Monserrate, a palace surrounded by luscious gardens built in 1856 by Francis Cook, a famous British …

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