History and mysteries in Sintra Portugal

I simply have to start including posts and theories surrounding the more mystical side to Sintra. There are heaps of conspiracy theories – some based on factual events – some perhaps a bit airy-fairy. Either way it makes for a fascinating exploration of Sintra and the hidden meanings built into the architecture.

Sintra has had a dominant position for thousands of years. And as we all know, different cultures often build on top of older monuments (bit like churches being built on old Pagen centres) … so once you start exploring the hidden meanings – it can suck you in.

Source: Sintra Portugal – History and Mysteries: Aleister Crowley and Fernando Pessoa, or the “Hell’s Mouth Mystery”, in Cascais-Sintra

Moorish Castle at Sintra

The Moors occupied Portugal for nearly 500 years! Leaving some magnificent archeology behind. One is located at Sintra and well worth the hike! Check out more information on the Sintra Council website.

Winding over two ridges of the Serra de Sintra, the Moorish Castle dates back to the early days of the Moorish occupation of the Peninsula – the 8th century.

Source: Moorish Castle – castle and palaces – Câmara Municipal de Sintra

The Gold Sintra Collar

Pre-history Portugal is fascinating, and I bet you’ve never heard about this one! Found near Sintra in the 19th Century it is a remarkable Bronze Age neck ring. Check it out on Wikipedia, or in person at the British Museum (should be back in Portugal really!!)

Source: Sintra Collar – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Prehistoric Portugal

Sintra is believed to have neolithic origins. If you’re interested in Megalithic structures of Portugal – this handy page collects some of the best.

Ancient Portugal: A look at the megalithic sites of Portugal

Source: Prehistoric Portugal